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Using High End Data Analysis For Sports Trading

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Using High End Data Analysis For Sports Trading

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Delta. It's the single most popular word in my vocabulary. My CEO Jon Price has been running numbers since he was 9 years old. Having a passion in line with the passion that Jiro Ono who Dreams of Sushi. Who is Jiro? Jiro has been serving sushi for over 60 years and is a world renowned Sushi chef who is Michelins top rated Japanese chef even though his restaurants seats 8 people and has no bathroom inside the restaurant. 

Running the numbers is one thing but using a heroku server and having the capacity to always be crunching numbers is crucial. When working in finance there are high frequency traders who crunch far more data and use bandwidth beyond what we would ever need in a week in any given trading day. With our hard work we are able to come up with that lovely first word of this article Delta. This gives us our handicap for any given game. We compare the odds that we have created for a sports matchup. So for example if the New York Giants are playing against the Washington Redskins and the oddsmakers come up with the line opening at 6 points favoring the Giants. After the public comes in and wagers on the New York Giants because there are more Giants fans and bettors in the New York region than in the Washington, D.C. area then the point spread may go up favoring the Giants by 8 points. If the Delta is ran and actuality the linesmakers incorrectly opened at 6 points and it should have been 5.5 or 5 points and now the line is at 8 then the Delta is telling you to bet heavily on the Washington Redskins plus 8 points.

This means that the Washington Redskins can lose the game by anything less than 8 points and it would count as a victory. Of course now there is something called vigorish which is deducted from the payout depending on how much money is wagered on each team and how the individual sportsbooks are off setting their risks. If you win the game then you can make an almost near 100% return on your investment in just a mere 3 to 4 hours. That is why sports wagering and investing can be so incredibly lucrative and how Jon Price has received so much great press.  Each week during the season you can see for yourself as we release NFL Picks straight up and against the spread depending on what is more favorable to our bottom line. In the end we are able to crunch the data and information because we have high level programmers who understand how algorithms work and the capacity needed to continiously run data analytics for sports without over optimizing. We treat sports wagering or as we call it internally sports investing as many hedge funds treat their clients capital that they invest. 

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