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Using humor in social media business strategy

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Using humor in social media business strategy

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Social media has dramatically altered the way that you can market to your target audience. It allows you to add an element of fun, by using a splash of humor, thereby grabbing the attention of online users. Furthermore, humor has been known to place people at ease, which in turn can make them more acceptable to new ideas, including short advertisements.

Marketing with Fun Videos

Video creation for marketing purposes is a proven technique. Videos can work in numerous ways, including funny lifestyle commercials or grabbing onto the latest trend. Video creation works in marketing primarily due to consumer habits. People are more likely to watch a quick video, than they are to read a long drawn out article.

Also, you should consider the fact that people in general are visual. For this reason, a video has the unique ability to capture consumer interest, thereby introducing your product, service or next great idea. By visually seeing and hearing a great video, consumers have a higher rate of storing the information provided into permanent memory for later recall.

Humor can make your Company Memorable

Humor can be used in social marketing to gain consumers attention, while also creating social interaction that will eventually lead to online buzz. This in turn will make your company memorable. This works in two ways, both of which are highly effective.

By using humor to create funny pictures, with even funnier captions, or attention grabbing ecards, you can gain online popularity. This can, in turn, get your company noticed. The reason for this is simple, people in general are social, and they like to share anything that make them smile or laugh. By giving them something to share, you can essentially reach an unlimited number of potential customers/clients.

Using humor in online social marketing will also make you relevant in virtual parameters. This is a result of normal human behavior. When people see something they like that also happens to be funny, they tend to talk about it. It’s as if they have an unstoppable need to place some type of comment, no matter how small. In turn, their friends will reply with a comment, and this will inform search engines that your upload is important to individual online users.

Considerations of Using Humor in Social Marketing

Though the use of humor can improve your marketing reach, it can also be damaging if not used correctly. In fact, many business owners have learned the hard way that there is an often invisible thin line. Crossing that line can provide devastating results.

By following a few simple guidelines, you’ll be able to ensure that your use of humor within your social marketing, is bringing in the results that were intended. For the exact same reasons that you avoid politics and religion at family gatherings, you need to also avoid them while creating social media. Though some consumers will find humor, most will not, and this can lead to a loss of potential buyers. Additionally, when attempting to tie in a current trending news topic, be sure to consider all possible ramifications. Current events, can often be horrific and making a joke out of it can give you and your company an insensitive image.


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