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Using Icons In Listbox

pys60 1.1.3 provide some graphics capabilitis.
One of them is using icons in Listbox
(code taken from pys60 API reference)

icon1 = appuifw.Icon(u"z:\\system\\data\\avkon.mbm", 28, 29)
icon2 = appuifw.Icon(u"z:\\system\\data\\avkon.mbm ", 40, 41)
entries = [(u"Signal", icon1),
           (u"Battery", icon2)]
lb = appuifw.Listbox(entries, lbox_observe)

Listbox is one of the 3 types that can be assigned to app.body
(i.e. Text, Listbox, Canvas)
So, to make code above able to run, you must add
appuifw.app.body = lb
and the function lbox_observe that will handle the selection
need to be defined.

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