Using JMH to Find the Fastest Way to Encode/Decode UTF-8

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Using JMH to Find the Fastest Way to Encode/Decode UTF-8

Learn how JMH can be used to find a solution to a real production problem.

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I had played with JMH before however this is the first time I have used JMH to solve a production problem.  I had some idea how to optimise the code involved but trying different combinations with JMH lead to a significant improvement.

In this test I am encoding a String as UTF8 to direct memory so it can be written to a TCP socket.  Also I need to take data written to direct memory via an NIO SocketChannel.read and encode it into a StringBuilder (which can be reused)

The tests

These tests involved a combination of using reflection to obtain the underlying data structure of String and StringBuilder but also using Unsafe to access the native memory.

To my surprise, access String via reflection appeared to be no faster, possibly slower.  For shorter strings it was worse, suggesting that the overhead of using reflection was larger than any benefit.

See encode_unsafeLoopCharAt  and encode_unsafeLoopCharAt 

Another surprise was that accessing StringBuilder via reflection did make a difference.

See decode_usingSimpleLoop and decode_usingCharArray Accessing the underlying char[] was over 4x faster.  Note: this is clear an optimisation issue and future versions of Java might not have this problem.

All the results

Benchmark                                    Mode  Cnt         Score        Error  Units
DecodeMain.decode_fromUTF8                  thrpt   20   5395187.171 �  17525.486  ops/s
DecodeMain.decode_usingCharArray            thrpt   20   7967263.552 � 259148.327  ops/s
DecodeMain.decode_usingCharArrayAndAddress  thrpt   20  11644515.566 �  52786.179  ops/s
DecodeMain.decode_usingSimpleLoop           thrpt   20   1884355.264 �   3442.892  ops/s
EncodeMain.encode_simpleToUTF8              thrpt   20   5050422.611 �  31681.322  ops/s
EncodeMain.encode_unsafeLoopCharArray       thrpt   20  16837387.866 � 814047.308  ops/s
EncodeMain.encode_unsafeLoopCharAt          thrpt   20  18225151.521 � 132811.688  ops/s
EncodeMain.encode_unsafeLoopCharAtUnrolled  thrpt   20  13848365.955 � 102407.681  ops/s
EncodeMain.encode_usingSimpleLoop           thrpt   20   8868356.295 � 368546.131  ops/s
EncodeMain.encode_usingSimpleLoopUnrolled   thrpt   20   7077634.663 �  30359.636  ops/s


In future this functionality might be built in to the JVM, however there is likely to be functionality which is not built in to the JVM which is causing a performance issues and having an alternative is needed.

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