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Using a Mobile App to Promote Your Business

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Using a Mobile App to Promote Your Business

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Are you under the misconception that only well-established companies, such as Walmart have their own mobile apps?

It’s not only you who think so, there are plenty other big business who still seem to think that app development isn’t the way to go. The businesses leveraging in on app development are the ones who can edge past their competitors today.

So, why do businesses shy away from building apps?

Most often, the reason is because they fail to see that owning a mobile app is a lot more than just building a website that works on mobiles. Believe it or not communicating with customers through a mobile app is one of the easiest ways to market your business. Check out the Yelp store or Google Maps – you would probably find a small store in your neighborhood having its own mobile app. Yes, it’s time you need to build one for your business too.

The Arguments in favor of an app

It’s no secret that most of us spend a lot of time on our mobiles. The point is, you see all the apps on your mobile at least once a day when you unlock it. It may be just a quick glance, but it is enough to have your brain process it. Also, mobile apps get publicized among teens very fast as they generally download the apps in the mobiles of their peer circle.

From the business perspective

Apps are the best way to keep customers enlightened about all the latest products, special offers, promotions, and sales. Customers take it to a personal level if the app allows user specific accounts. Most online businesses including Indian eCommerce biggies like Flipkart and Snapdeal have mobile apps and are promoting their apps aggressively. There are two facts to keep in mind here. First – without an app, people do not get to know the latest information until they visit the official website. Second – Easy access anywhere. Wherever you may be, it’s just a click away.

Having a mobile app helps you to overtake a lot many companies without one. It defines a brand and gives faster recognition. Also enable a feature that allows texting, because customers like to have direct communication with the company.

Reaching out to your customers in a new way

Sometimes it happens that customers get frustrated with the endless advertisements that are all around. Posters on every alternate wall, flyers, banners on the roadside, advertisements on Facebook, newspapers and worst of all – email spamming. Well, too much of these can get on the nerve and have a damaging impact. It’s time to start from scratch. Building a slow and steady relation with customer’s in order to gain their trust and loyalty is of utmost priority. Saying that a mobile app can rescue your business at stake is an exaggeration, but it definitely boosts up your business.


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