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Using R With the Conda Package Manager

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Using R With the Conda Package Manager

A quick and painless tutorial on how to use Conda to install R and libraries for R.

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I've been unable to get some R libraries to install on my Linux laptop. Two libraries in particular were tseries and tidyverse. The same libraries installed just fine on Windows (maybe you need to install Rtools first before installing these on Windows; I don't remember).

I use conda all the time with Python, but I hadn't tried it with R until this evening. Apparently it just works. The libraries I was trying to install have a lot of dependencies, and conda is very good at managing dependencies.

I removed my installation of R and reinstalled from conda:

conda install r-base

Then I installed tseries with

conda install r-tseries

and installed tidyverse analogously:

conda install r-tidyverse

Just prepend r- to the name of the R library you want to install.

I haven't used it in anger yet, but it seems that everything works just fine.

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