Using RingCentral Call log API

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Using RingCentral Call log API

Let's see how RingCentral offers call logs that retrieve records for completed activities like calls.

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RingCentral provides different communication features such as calling, messaging, faxing, meetings, etc., which can be used by users and their organizations at full scale for communication.

We have already discussed a few of these services in our previous posts. Here, we will be discussing how RingCentral offers call logs that retrieve records for completed activities like calls.

RingCentral provides APIs for simple and detailed call log records from API calls. There is usually a delay of 30 seconds for completed calls before we try to retrieve the call logs using the GET request.

Every inbound and outbound call connected through the RingCentral service is logged in the database, though it’s also true that RingCentral does not store call logs or recordings indefinitely.

API for Call log

The following API endpoint “Get User Call Log Records” helps to fetch the call record:


The App Permission, ReadCallLog, and the User Permission, ReadCallLog, is required.

Since there is usually a delay of 30 seconds when we try to retrieve the call logs using the GET API request, if there is an active call or a call in progress, all the active calls will not be displayed. The API populates all the call log information instantly except those active calls or in-progress calls.

In order to get details of in-progress calls, we need to use the “Get User Active Calls” API:


Different APIs for specific types

We can use different APIs for specific types of call log data.

Account Level Call Log is for the entire account, which is without using the extension filter. The company call log API actually accesses the call log for all extensions under the account.

For example:

Get Company Call Log Records“:


Get Company Call Log Record(s) “:


Another type is the Extension LevelCall Log data, which is for only a specific extension within our RingCentral account.

For example:

Get User Call Log Records“:


Here, extension indicates the extension assigned to the account logged in within the current session.

Another important point in call log API is retrieving the call details in different level:

Simple Call Log: we can retrieve Simple Call Log records with the view=Simple query parameter,

For example:


Detailed Call Log: Detailed records are retrieved with the view=Detailed query parameter.

For example:


Detailed call log provides a deep view of call log details and is available for both Account level and Extension level APIs. And since view=Detailed logs reflect very deep details, we can filter it using perPage= <number> , which says to fetch the most recent <number> of calls.

You can go through documentation here to know more about the APIs in detail.

I’ve hopefully been clear enough in displaying different kinds and levels of this call log API, which is an important RingCentral API used for obtaining call details that can be used for audit and monitoring purpose.

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