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Using SiteMesh for page modification, not just decoration

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Using SiteMesh for page modification, not just decoration

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Did you know that SiteMesh contains an HTML Parser that can be used for page/HTML modificiation - not just decoration? In a mailing list message from May 2007, Joe Walnes explains how this is possible. In this post, Alex "the_mindstorm" asks if it's possible to add onclick event handlers to <a href> tags that are external to the current site. Here's how:

First, extend SiteMesh's HTML parser and add a new tag rule for processing <a> tags.

public class MyParser extends HTMLPageParser {

// override default rulest
protected void addUserDefinedRules(State html, PageBuilder page) {
super.addUserDefinedRules(html, page);

// Add a rule.
// Rules allow the parser to do custom things when encountering HTML tags.
html.addRule(new LinkRewritingRule()); // see below

class LinkRewritingRule extends BasicRule {

public LinkRewritingRule() {
super("a"); // Handles all <a> tags.

public void process(Tag tag) { // Called when parser encounters <a>
CustomTag newTag = new CustomTag(tag); // Allows tag modification

// modify href attribute
boolean caseSensitive = false; // allow HREF or href or HrEf
String oldHref = newTag.getAttributeValue("href", caseSensitive);
if (oldHref != null) {
String newHref = // do something;
newTag.setAttributeValue("href", caseSensitive, newHref);

// write the new tag bag to the page
newTag.writeTo (currentBuffer());

Then edit sitemesh.xml and update the <page-parser> tag to point to your new parser class. Pretty easy eh? Read Joe's full post for more tips and tricks.


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