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Using Siwpas 2.0.0 Web Socket Protocol

This article shows how to configure and use Siwpas Web Socket Protocol using a sample web socket web application.


  • Siwpas 2.0.0, can be downloaded from To use the Siwpas, you also have to get a trial license from Get Siwpas Trial License
  • Firefox Aurora from that supports web socket protocol latest version. In fact, you can use any client that suppors the web socket protocol (Currently Siwpas implements draft-ietf-hybi-thewebsocketprotocol-07”.)
  • Web socket sample application can be downloaded from here. This sample web application provides two applications:
    • Basic Echo Server to echo your input
    • Basic Chat Server. This chat server client code is written via getting code from HTML5 Labs Chat Demo


  • Unzip the Siwpas into your system (C:\Siwpas-2.0.0). We call it SIWPAS_HOME
  • Enable Web Socket Connector
    • Open "SIWPAS_HOME/server.xml"
    • Uncomment the Web Socket Connector
  • Put trial license file "siwpas.license" into the SIWPAS_HOME/licenses folder
  • Put  sample web application archive"siwpas-websocket-sample.war" into the "SIWPAS_HOME/webapps" folder
  • Go into "SIWPAS_HOME/bin" and start the Siwpas 
    • /bin/siwpas.bat run

Open Applications:

!As you will see, Web Socket Chat Application is very fast (instantly see the messages that you write)!

Web Socket Documentation

 You can read more about Siwpas Web Socket Protocol Support from Siwpas documentation.

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