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Using Technology To Win The Customer Experience Battle

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Using Technology To Win The Customer Experience Battle

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Whether you realize it or not, your business is fighting a battle every day and your customers are right in the middle of the melee. This fight isn’t over pricing, or product features, or website traffic. Many would argue that products, prices, and branding can all be replicated. It’s by providing an exceptional customer experience where you will truly set your company apart and create loyalty.

“The customer experience is the next competitive battleground” – Jerry Gregoire, Dell.

Delightful customer experiences are memorable and influential. They not only impact immediate buying decisions, but are the stories that get shared among friends, live on in online reviews, and truly build brand value.

We know that company culture has a huge impact on customer experience. But many companies are also turning to technology to give them a customer service edge. In fact Forrester recently reported that customer support reps that stay engaged through the use of a customer support tool can improve customer satisfaction by over 35 percent. So what does the technology impact on Customer Service look like?

With an internal knowledge base, you can reduce time to resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and make your employees more efficient. Robust Q&A functionality allows your customer service reps to ask and answer questions while leaving a historical trail that is keyword tagged, indexed, searchable, and easily updated so the next person with the same question can easily find the answer. Even comments are indexed to make them easily searchable.

Analytics are also an important factor in leveraging technology to improve the customer experience. What if you could access real-time, actionable metrics on community growth and responsiveness, user engagement, trending topics, popular questions, and top contributors. This allows you to see what information is being used most and what gaps you may have in your content.

“The customer’s perception is your reality” – Kate Zabriskie, Author of Customer Service Excellence: How To Deliver Value To Today’s Busy Customer.

If you’re not leveraging technology to answer questions faster, and with more accurate and helpful information, then you may be losing the customer experience battle. The bottom line: if you’re not fighting to win over your customers every day, then someone else is.


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