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Using Transparent Gif/png With Image's Blitting

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Using Transparent Gif/png With Image's Blitting

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pys60's Image class will load a transparent gif/png
just like a non-transparent one.
But its blit() method accept a mask paramenter.
I have talked about this in a previous snippet.

The missing link is to create a mask automatically
from the Image. It's typically the top-left pixel.
You can use Image's getpixel() which is undocumented.
I show typical use of getpixel here.

Combine them all, here's the automask function.

def automask(im):
    width, height = im.size
    mask = Image.new(im.size, '1') # black and white
    tran = im.getpixel((0,0))[0]   # transparent top-left
    for y in range(height):
        line = im.getpixel([(x, y) for x in range(width)])
        for x in range(width):
            if line[x] == tran:
                mask.point((x,y), 0)  # mask on the point
    return mask

An example usage

from graphics import Image

ship = Image.open('E:\\Images\\ship.gif')
mask = automask(ship)

canvas.blit(ship, mask=mask)  # don't forget to create canvas first

A Sprite class can be defined based on this too.

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