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Web Console - Run Groovy++ and Groovy scripts side by side

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Web Console - Run Groovy++ and Groovy scripts side by side

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http://groovypp.appspot.com/ is a utility web console, if you are interested in a quick and simple check to see how a Groovy++ script compares to its dynamic Groovy equivalent - in terms of behavior, execution time, etc.

It's a very basic app - you give it a Groovy++ script and choose to run just the Groovy++ version or both Groovy++ / Groovy versions to compare them side by side.

Try the script below to know in 30 ms from Groovy++ that it cannot handle dynamic metaClass features or in around 150 ms from Groovy that it can. Then depending on which one you like more, you can say that Groovy++ is faster or Groovy is feature-richer ;-)

@Typed class Test {
static main(args) {
String.metaClass.foo = {-> println "foo() called"}

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