UX Design Trends to Look For In 2020

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UX Design Trends to Look For In 2020

Find out which UX trends are going to take over in 2020?

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It's hard to believe, but 2020 means we will be heading into the decade’s final chapter. In these ten years, the internet has changed our everyday life. We have witnessed change and seen the reign of mobile, the introduction of a chatbot, IoT, AR, VR. As breakthrough as all of these new technologies have been, where I see and feel these transformations the most is in web design trends. It seems like UX design trends will be huge in 2020 as we will witness aesthetics and technology come together like never before.

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A Recap

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

It’s how you feel when you interact with a product, software, application, or website. It includes meaningful, experimental, valuable, and practical aspects of human-computer interaction. UX has a significant impact on the success and failure of an organization. To put it in simple terms, it includes a bunch of diverse disciplines, such as information architecture, visual design, usability, branding, and function.

A product is more than a product; it’s an integrated set of conjunctional experiences. From cell phones to smartphones, our lives have been revolutionized with how we interact with these devices to book cab rides, watch movies, listen to music, compare product reviews and prices, follow current events, and last but not least how we invest our time on various social media platforms.

Experts Opinion on UX

At present, everyone who is working with PC is familiar with UI/UX design. We all understand the essence of the User Interface. But, the idea of UX is twofold for some of us.

The author of UX for Lean Startups mentioned in her book that UX design determines the personal experience and allows you to define a customer journey on your website product or software. She has also explained in the book that software developers are making major decisions about how the client should work with the product and that is why UI design is a process, not a piece of evidence from eye-tracking.

Tomer Sharon, the senior UX researcher at Google, says UX is a very much personal experience that a person feels while using the product. UX designs are implemented based on the emotion of the users.

In 2019, we saw many advances in UX, and 2020 seems likely to improve on those UX design advancements. With that being said, let’s have a look at what the year might bring.

UX Design Trends Prediction for 2020

Every passing year, UX design trends and techniques change. The designing principles, as well as processes, stay the same, but the trend of UXD evolves. With the changes in human behavior, usage in tech devices and demands for interactive and engaging user experiences have increased.

For designers, it has become mandatory to stay in touch with up and coming UXD trends to meet future demands and newly introduced design requirements. So, here are the new designing trends that we can expect to see in 2020.

  • Device synchronization.
  • Compelling storytelling Designs will Have Additional Benefits.
  • Minimalism Will Brings Additional Benefits.
  • Mindful Designing.
  • Voice User Interface and AI technology.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  • Chatbots and AI/ML.

Device Synchronization

Device synchronization is the latest trend. Whether its smartphone, a watch, a laptop — the user demands dynamic capabilities across all devices. Today the interaction is associated with the achievement of booking a cab or hotel, buying things online or control the home — as all of these can be done via the internet.

Uber is the best example to take into consideration, as it has fully implemented an independent hardware approach. If you have used Uber, you might know that you can start the trip with voice command and end it with the help of a mobile application or watch. So, a single continuous operation can be performed on different platforms with uninterrupted action.

Compelling Storytelling Designs Have Additional Benefits

Whether its UI or UX, it’s not all about design. Businesses today are required to tell a compelling tale around the digital experiences they offer. So, following the trend, it has become so important that your design is all about preferences, behavior, and customer journey.

UX is incomplete without content. Take into consideration that you are offering relevant and accessible content to your target audience. Aim to hit the appropriate content and the right technology to offer the most relevant user experience possible.

Minimalism Brings Additional Benefits

Make sure you are creative enough with the minimalism in UI design. Because following the trend, it looks like, minimalism is shaping the UI trend. Keep into consideration that you are encouraging your users to spend the longest amount of time on your application.

Three Key Points to Take Into Consideration:

    • With context-specific features in mind, keep a common user navigation pattern.
    • It’s a good idea to implement time-saving design features to provide the utmost value and decisive user journey.
    • The user is not overflooded with unwanted pop-ups and unnecessary notifications.

Mindful Designing

Usually, designers tend to follow accepted design patterns. What makes a designer tremendous and helps them to stand apart from the herd is their ability to identify what will satisfy end-users. Mindful designing seems to have a positive impact on user perceptions, as it helps the users to stay loyal to the brand. With the help of UX design, it’s the trendiest way to attract potential customers and enlarge your customer base.

Voice User Interface and AI technology

Recently, AI has been widely used on mobile internet; credit for this largely goes to Siri. Artificial intelligence is commonly used in smartphones as a voice assistant and for face unlocking, beautifying, and smart shooting. Following the trend, it seems like, voice and vision functionality will have more advancement the way it has shifted from GUI to VUI.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Snapchat, Sephora, and many similar applications are used by consumers to fulfill their daily needs from the convenience of their homes. To meet these multiplying demands AR and VR will add more advancements to make life more convenient and easier as per end-users’ needs.

Wrapping Up

Many more trends will make 2020 more exciting year and progressive in more aspects than one. Many of the technologies I mentioned have been popular for the last few years, but, with little improvements and enhanced designs, they are poised to result in a total revolution of how it will attract new users.

Staying in sync with these UX trends will help you strategically form a digital world around your product or service that will undoubtedly delight your end-users to fulfill their requirements. Are you ready for UX design trends 2020?

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