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Validation in Eclipse, Again

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Validation in Eclipse, Again

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Faulkner‘s brilliant, painfully hilarious novel The Hamlet (an homage to Melville's The Confidence Man ) has a scene in the beginning where a guy purchases a horse that he finds, shortly after the transaction, is in fact a mule that has been adorned by a master masquerader. Eclipse, the open (not really) solution to a decade of failed vendor tool catastrophes (premiere among them, Eclipse's father IBM's WebSphere), a decade on is a good tool in a lot of ways, and an absolutely braindead one in many others, and the hope that the braindead things will ever be fixed is laughable.

In theory, the idea of an open ecosystem where everyone can just add their little contributions sounds good. So does the idea of a building where instead of blueprints, we could bus in kids from schools all over the country and each could go up and make their own contributions. It‘s not really surprising that eclipse is a jumbled mess a decade on. The context menu in eclipse filled up faster than the pedophile section at a Justin Bieber concert. There‘s no way to add anything there. The Preferences panes are also overgrown thickets of weedy stupidity. The only panels I actually use on a regular basis are the ones where I make new templates.

I know what you‘re thinking: hey, someone on the eclipse team will come in and call a meeting and a committee will form and they‘ll just clean up this mess.

Um, yeah..

Meantime, today I was messing with a piece that required jQuery. I installed it into the project and my least favorite part of eclipse bounced up to greet me: the validator thinks the jQuery code is wrong. The simplest thing on earth would be to let me navigate to the vendor folder in the project, right click, and tell it to not validate that. Nope, can‘t do that. What you can do is go read a bunch of threads on StackOverflow and then try and do them yourself and have them fail.

I have done this countless times, but:

  1. Going into Clientside Javascript Validator
  2. Adding an Exclude Group
  3. Adding a Rule
  4. Choosing File or Folder and navigating to the vendor folder

literally does nothing. You pick the folder and it doesn‘t put the path in the box. Incredibly stupid.. Made a screencast (link below). There are 20 million ways this could be redone that would be super simple. None of them will ever be done, if eclipse gets another 2 decades to churn.

Screencast of Choosing Folder to Filter(click on this to download if your browser does not support HTML5, if it does, the video should appear below).

Got this to work by doing:

  1. From context menu, right clicked and did Convert to Javascript Project
  2. Moved the vendor folder out from under js and made only js a source folder (still validating vendor folder)
  3. Went into the validator and added an exclude group and a rule with /vendor/* (didn‘t use the broken selector)

So stupid. This thing is trying to do too much for too many from too little… if you want to make an app that can be used for anything, it would be a good idea to pursue a strategy of having the tool transform itself when the context gives it a reason to (Xcode‘s strategy)..



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