Varonis Claims To Solve 40-Year-Old Unix Problem

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Varonis Claims To Solve 40-Year-Old Unix Problem

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Varonis Systems thinks it’s solved a 40-year-old Unix problem: the chronic lack of visibility into file share data use and poor access control.

The three-year-old New York start-up says it solved it – at least for Solaris servers and NetApp filers – by taking its agent-based DatAdvantage 3.5 actionable data governance software, the stuff of permissions and audits, and extending it from Windows to Unix, an unusual direction these days.

There’s still only one UI and now that’s supposed to show if both Windows- and NFS-based unstructured data is in the right hands.

If not, access can be denied, otherwise continued access can be monitored, abnormalities flagged, access patterns forensically analyzed, recommendation made about who shouldn’t have access and compliance reports printed at will.

Varonis says the scheme is non-intrusive and the architecture multi-tier. It currently supports NFS file servers (UFS, ZFS, NetApp WAFL), LDAP 3 and NIS and Solaris 8,9 and 10 via NFS.

Pricing depends on the number of data users; licenses for 1-250 start at $25,000.

Varonis, which just works with unstructured data and says the nearly 100% of organizations don’t have rightful access to their data, claims 380 installations worldwide at such shops as EMC and Juniper Networks.



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