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Version Control Best Practices from Rainforest

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Version Control Best Practices from Rainforest

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In a post on their company blog, App testing platform Rainforest describes methods that work for them as a company when it comes to version control and coding changes. We're grateful that they share their methods – it enables us to think about our own processes and what we can do to make them not only more streamlined but also more approachable.

Their message boils down to:

  • committing often
  • writing descriptive commit messages
  • making branching a logical process
  • making sure to have other eyes on your work.

Version control is something that every shipping team uses, but there’s not a lot of talking about the right way to do it. Used properly it can improve your code culture and help you move faster.

There's a more in-depth overview of version control basics over at betterexplained.com (with diagrams and everything!) When thinking about very iterative development and the ability to back up quickly if you run into an error, having habits like these in place really helps.

We'll end the way both of these posts we're sharing do: much like the iterative process these best practices encourage, actually coming up with the best practices themselves takes some experimentation in finding what works best for you and your team. What have you learned from your own version control practices?


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