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VersionOne Eclipse Mylyn Connector Released

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We’re pleased to announce that Tasktop Pro now includes a connector for the VersionOne Agile project management solution. This new connector extends the Agile offerings of the Tasktop Certified suite of integrations, and provides the full productivity benefits of the task-focused interface to users of theVersionOne Enterprise and Ultimate on-premise and on-demand products.

versionone Video
Watch the VersionOne Connector video

Get more done, increase project visibility
The Connector enables VersionOne development teams to take advantage of Tasktop’s task-focused interface technology. This benefits developers in two key ways:

  greenbullet_icon Spend less time checking and updating VersionOne. By integrating VersionOne with the Eclipse IDE, the Connector eliminates the need to constantly toggle between the development environment, change notifications arriving via email, and the VersionOne web client. With Tasktop, all collaboration around VersionOne artifacts happens within the development environment, reducing the friction of updating VersionOne, and providing increased project status visibility.
  greenbullet_icon Multitask and recover from interruptions with one click. Tasktop reorganizes the development environment around VersionOne stories and defects and automatically tracks the source code for each artifact. When returning to work on a story or defect, a single click restores the previous state of the workspace including open editors and shows only the relevant source code. This task-focused interface technology makes it much easier to multitask and recover from interruptions, resulting in measurable productivity gains.
Task Editor and Task List
VersionOne tasks and task editor

Track time the easy way
Thanks to the task-focused interface, developers using Tasktop already indicate which task they’re working on to focus the interface on only the most relevant source code. This makes it possible to automatically track time spent on each story or defect and Tasktop provides facilities to adjust times as needed and upload the information directly to VersionOne. This reduces the time tracking burden on developers while improving project visibility with time tracking data that is based on actuals.

Time Tracking
VersionOne time tracking

Going Agile? Adopt VersionOne alongside existing systems
Most organizations have one or more legacy systems for tracking bugs, feature requests, or managing software development processes. Frequently, these systems can’t simply be replaced with agile project management systems because they contain valuable historical information and have been customized to enforce a particular workflow. Tasktop eases agile adoption in these environments by leveraging the ecosystem of 45 interoperable connectors to access multiple systems from the same interface. Furthermore, stories and defects in VersionOne can be linked to dependent artifacts in other systems, making it easy to navigate between related items across different systems.

Get desktop access for product owners
In addition to the Eclipse IDE plugin, the VersionOne Connector is also included in the Tasktop Pro desktop application that provides instant and offline access to VersionOne stories and defects. Tasktop Pro also provides productivity features such as integration with Outlook and Google calendars, and the ability to automatically track web pages and documents related to a particular story or defect in VersionOne.

Download it
Tasktop Pro with the VersionOne connector is available for download now. Tasktop Pro and Eclipse Mylyn users with Eclipse 3.5 or higher can also install the VersionOne connector from within Eclipse via the Mylyn Connector Discovery (File > new > task > install more connectors).

See the VersionOne Connector overview for more screenshots and features.

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