Vert.x and IoT in Rome

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Vert.x and IoT in Rome

Ideally, your IoT platform should be scalable. To help with that, you can incorporate microservices with Vert.x as part of an end-to-end solution.

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Yesterday, I had a great day in Rome for a meetup hosted by Meet{cast} (powered by the dotnetpodcast community) and Codemotion, speaking about Vert.x and how we can use it for developing “end-to-end” Internet of Things solutions.



I started with a high-level introduction on Vert.x and how it works, its internals, and its main usage, and then I moved to dig into some specific components that would be useful for developing IoT applications, like the MQTT server, AMQP Proton, and Kafka client.



It was interesting to know that even in Italy, a lot of developers and companies are moving to use Vert.x for developing microservices-based solutions. A lot of interesting questions were asked, and peopled seemed to like it!

Finally, in order to prove Vert.x usage in enterprise applications, I showed two real use cases that work thanks to the above components, Eclipse Hono, and EnMasse. I had to explain how EnMasse works in detail a few times. The Qpid Dispatch Router component warranted some discussion in particular. For this reason, I hope to have a future meetup on that. The AMQP router concept is quite new today! In any case, knowing that such a scalable platform is based (even) on Vert.x was great news for the attendees.


If you are interested to know more about that, you can take a look at the slides and the demo.

In the coming days, a video of the meetup will be available online, but it will be in Italian (my apologies for my English only friends!). I hope you’ll enjoy the content!

Of course, I had some time for networking with attendees after the meetup… with some beer


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