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Very simple IronRuby MVC sample application


Over the weekend I wrote a very simple task list application with IronRuby MVC and LightSpeed as an OR/M.  And I’ve just put a demo live. This demo is running on a windows 2008 vps with IIS 7 as webserver. The source of this sample is also available.

At this moment I’m working on the Ironruby mvc sample for my book. And while I was playing around to get some samples together I tried building the simplest application possible that has some degree relations in the db and does some crud.  And I came up with the original idea of creating a task list application.

As an OR/M I choose to use LightSpeed and it runs on a sqlite database so it should be immediately usable after checking out.  There is one caveat though. If you’re using a 32-bit OS you’ll need to replace the sqlite dll that is included in the dependencies tree with a 32-bit version of the dll and rebuild the solution.

The links:


Source of sample:

IronRubyMVC source:





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