Automate Tests for Every Build With Visual Studio Team Services [Video]

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Automate Tests for Every Build With Visual Studio Team Services [Video]

Come have a look at what Perfecto's "Continuous Quality Lab" can bring to the table for your dev team via Azure and Visual Studio.

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Today we're announcing availability of Perfecto's Continuous Quality Lab on Azure Marketplace, through Developer Services. We're launching with three offerings:

1.  Start Testing for free – 50 hours/month for small teams to start testing on real devices

2. Automate Testing — 300 hours/month for teams moving from manual testing to automated testing

3. Achieve Continuous Testing – 600 hours/month for automated testing for DevOps teams

The video demo in our Visual Studio blog post on Monday showed how you can take advantage of the first offer to ramp up quickly and start test automation. Today's video example will help you move beyond manual testing to automated testing with every build. Specifically, we build upon the example from Monday's post, move the test codes to the cloud, and execute the tests automatically with every build using Visual Studio Team Services.

What this video shows:

  • Creating a Git repo locally and pushing the local code into an online Git repository hosted by the VSTS project
  • Creating a build definition from scratch
  • Executing the build
  • Viewing the parallel execution of the tests on four form factors from within the local Visual Studio Perfecto Dashboard Tab
  • Viewing the build results online in VSTS including a failed test with failure details and downloading a report from VSTS and getting to the Wind Tunnel report

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