Video: Kinect + Windows Phone 7.5: why not?

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Video: Kinect + Windows Phone 7.5: why not?

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In this long but intriguing video, Kevin Wolf marries two neat Microsoft technologies (Kinect and Mango) to create something you never might have imagined: a stationary device tracking a moving person transmitting three-dimensional data to another person moving far away.

In Kevin's words:

In this session we will go through creating a Kinect-based Socket Server that will allow clients to connect and download real time skeletal data. The client we will build in this session will be a Windows Phone application based upon the Mango release to leverage the new sockets support.

Imagine a coach getting precise, 3D, real-time data on a pitcher's elbow joints; or a dancing instructor checking a soon-to-be-married couple's last practice session before the big first dance...


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