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Video: Agent-Oriented Design with the NetBeans Platform

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Video: Agent-Oriented Design with the NetBeans Platform

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Two months ago I posted a teaser about developing small desktop applications with the NetBeans Platform. I had just started writing SolidBlue, a small utility to generate and check the fingerprints of files in a folder.

I'm taking this opportunity to explore agent-oriented design, especially when integrated with the NetBeans Platform, and I've posted a more technical introduction in my blog.

In the meantime, I've started writing another application, blueArgyle, that lets you measure some property of the monitor (such as the luminance and the whitepoint) and will implement my workflow for color calibration. (I'm not an expert of the math behind colorimetry, so blueArgyle uses Argyll CMS under the hood, an open source, popular, and high quality color calibration tool, which also does the non-trivial job of interfacing via USB with a sensor.)

I'm using agent-oriented design also for this new tool because SolidBlue proved to be very simple: too simple, with a few UI interactions, while specifically the UI interaction seems to be quite interesting from the agent perspective.

Below you can see a screencast with a little introduction of the first features of blueArgyle:

blueArgyle first demo from Fabrizio Giudici on Vimeo.

Expect more technical blog posts in the following days / weeks!

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