Video of Cognitive Bluemix Application and Conversational Computing

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Video of Cognitive Bluemix Application and Conversational Computing

Learn from David Boloker about application experiences becoming contextual across a variety of device endpoints, enabling data to come to us in context, when needed.

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Back in Octover, Ginni Rometty spoke about the importance of cognitive computing and IBM’s bet on the the Cognitive Era. Cognitive computing enables more natural interactions of people with technology, cognitive computing is intelligent turning raw data into information considering contexts like user intentions, locations and preferences and cognitive computing allows people to discover important information quickly based on a big set of available data. In other words: Cognitive computing empowers individuals to be more productive.

Recently at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference in New York my manager David Boloker gave a keynote where he demonstrated a really cool cognitive application. David is the CTO of IBM’s Emerging Internet Technology group and leads among many other things our team of Bluemix developer advocates. The application “Day in a Life” uses conversational computing to find all sorts of personal and business relevant information. Technically IBM Bluemix is used and various services like speech recognition, sentiment analysis, text to speech, Internet of Things and more.

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