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Video: Top 11 Features Developers Will Love About Windows 8 (Including Win.Phone)

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Video: Top 11 Features Developers Will Love About Windows 8 (Including Win.Phone)

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I downloaded the Developer Preview for Windows 8 within minutes of it being announced during the major //BUILD conference in September 2011. Since then, I've been working with Windows 8 on both a laptop and a slate and have come to love several features. I wrote about the top 10 features I think developers will love in this article and have developed this into a talk.

I had a great time presenting this talk on June 20th to an international audience through the LinkedIn .NET User Group (LIDNUG). In this presentation I elaborated on those features as well as an 11th (you may recall my earlier series on the Portable Class Library). This presentation was done entirely on a Samsung Series 7 slate, including the live coding examples. The session was recorded and the full 90 minutes are posted here for you.

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