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Video: What Makes Solr Tick? Go Deep.

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Video: What Makes Solr Tick? Go Deep.

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A lot of Drupal developers, along with the broader PHP community, are really interested in learning Solr on a deeper level.  They hate to only hear “there’s a module for that.”  Well here's a great tutorial video by Erik Hatcher that may be a little old, but still relevant and super helpful for the Solr beginner:

"Erik showcases basic features and touches on what makes Solr tick at a deeper level. Features how queries are parsed under the covers, how facets add power to findability, and how easy it is to interact with Solr from practically any environment. In less than 10 minutes you'll see all of that and the nuts and bolts of analysis, the main places you'll be configuring Solr's schema and request handlers, how to add and delete documents, optimize the index and more. "

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