Vinli Gives Developers 60 Billion Free API Calls

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Vinli Gives Developers 60 Billion Free API Calls

Strives to promote innovation in automotive around the world.

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I had the opportunity to speak with Blake Burris, Vice President Developer Relations for Vinli.

Vinli provides connectivity to every car on the road today with a device that plugs into a car’s OBDII port. The Vinli device provides 4G LTE wi-fi connectivity on the road while the cloud-based platform gives drivers access to their car’s data systems, unlocking safety services, and providing access to maintenance, social and entertainment apps.

Vinli provides developers an open platform so they can explore what’s possible in improving the driver and owner experience in ways we haven’t thought of yet. According to Blake, “If you have users, you have revenue or an opportunity for revenue, and if there’s a breakthrough on the platform, that’s good for everyone.”

Interestingly this takes place at the same time Vinli is introducing its ability to control your smart home from your smart car at CES (via Vinli Home Connect). The car-home smart connection enables home automation settings to be programmed based on where the car is located.

Many developers have a love of cars, as well as coding. Vinli knows developers are interested in the car space and there’s vast transformation taking place within the industry with autonomous, connected, and shared vehicles.

IoT is radically changing the automotive industry and Vinli is superior to what’s available from dealers today. The consumerization of IT will drive demand for consumers’ cars to be as smart as their phone - and many other devices.

While Vinli is able to provide information regarding engine performance, efficiency and driving habits, and mileage, the company is looking to the developer community to develop apps that enable the cars to do things we haven’t dreamed of.

Everyone – from hobbyists to start-ups and enterprises – are empowered to develop apps which can ultimately be monetized by individuals or sold to car companies, dealers, repair shops, tire manufacturers, and others.

To take advantage of the free API calls offer, developers must sign up for a free Vinli developer account and register an app by March 15, 2016.

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