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Virtual Machinery BTree Base License - Special Pricing for April

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Virtual Machinery BTree Base License - Special Pricing for April

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Virtual Machinery is delighted to announce that for the month of April the cost of its Base BTree licence has been reduced to $49.95/€39.95. This license normally costs $94.95/€74.95. BTrees are normally neglected after Computer Science 101 but BTree technology underpins most SQL databases. They are a highly performant solution in situations where a small footprint data persistence solution is required which does not require the performance overhead of a SQl layer. You can think of BTrees as a persistent hashmap. You can find out more about BTrees in our BTree guide which you can find here.

Virtual Machinerys BTree solution is pure Java and as such is portable across the Java platform from J2ME, through J2SE to J2EE. The same file format is used in all platforms allowing data written in one environment to be read in another. One fertile area has been the mobile market and Virtual Machinerys BTrees have been successfully deployed in Sun WTK, Nokia, Blackberry and Android environments.   

The base level distribution of our Btree includes BTree implementations and sample code for J2ME, J2SE, and J2EE environments. Full documentation is provided as is an option to purchase source code. Virtual Machinery also provide a Toolkit for their BTrees which can be used for diagnostic and maintenance purposes.

We offer a wide range of licensing options using an additive model so that you only buy the license you need, when you need it and your initial investment is protected. You can find out more about our licensing model and products at http://www.virtualmachinery.com/btreeprod.htm and you can find out more about our prices here: http://www.virtualmachinery.com/buyproducts.htm#BTREE.

You can download BTree demos at http://www.virtualmachinery.com/btdownload.htm

Virtual Machinery have been providing BTree solutions in Object-Oriented environments since 1989.

We will be delighted to hear your comments and answer any questions you might have at info@virtualmachinery.com

Virtual Machinery

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