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Vista SP1 Kinda, Sorta Out

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Vista SP1 Kinda, Sorta Out

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You can at long last go and download Vista SP1 from the Windows Update service, a fact that should signal an uptick in Vista adoption, the once-burned-twice-shy having learned to wait for such things from Microsoft.

People who want Microsoft to start downloading SP1 automatically will have to wait until mid-April.

So will anybody that doesn’t use the software in English, French, Spanish, German or Japanese. Other languages won’t be available until April sometime, which will be 15 months after Vista was made generally available.

It appears it will be catch-as-catch-can with new PCs and boxed versions of the operating system for a while.

There are still some driver issues that may prevent SP1 from downloading, driver issues having recently been responsible for delaying SP1’s release. Microsoft says it’s working on it, expecting, it appears, to have them resolved by the time Window Update starts downloading automatically.

Microsoft warns that you have to have your Windows Update configured to automatically download updates and then you have to install it. Windows Update won’t do it for you.

You can expect SP1 to disenfranchise some of the third-party security software like BitDefender and there are some application programs it simply won’t run.


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