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Visual Builds Board

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Visual Builds Board

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At TargetProcess we develop by feature. It means that every user story and every bug have separate branches. Also it means we have quite many builds, since every branch should be tested separately. Visual Builds Board shows statuses of all builds. It is a simple .NET application that extracts required info from Jenkins and TargetProcess.

This is a dashboard screen. Green builds are passed, orange builds are running now, and red builds are failed.

Builds Board

Failed build clearly indicates the broken phase. This one has failed Unit Tests:

Failed build

This build is in progress and 3 phases are already passed. Functional tests are running now:

Build in progress

You can see a full build history for a particular branch:

Build History

That’s how it looks live

Builds Board TV

The Build Board was created by @AlexSane, @eugenekha and @AlexTsayun

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