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Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 RC Ships and Is "Go Live"

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Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 RC Ships and Is "Go Live"

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Darn, those VS dev's are good! On the RadioTFS Martin and I recorded last week, 71 // Two More Years,I posed the question as to if/when VS2013 Update 1 would ship. The answer?

Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 RC

This is a release candidate (RC) for Visual Studio 2013 Update 1.

Version: 2013

Date Published: 12/6/2013

VS2013.1 RC.exe, 1.2 MB

Visual Studio 2013 Update is providing continuous value to customers, adding new capabilities year-round to features in the main product release. These releases will be aligned with the core software development trends in the market, ensuring developers and development teams always have access to the best solution for building modern applications.

This is a release candidate (RC) for Visual Studio 2013 Update 1. These cumulative updates to Visual Studio 2012 include a variety of bug fixes and capability improvements. More details can be found here.

Statement of Support: 
Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 RC is “go-live”. This means that customers can use these builds in production environments. This is still a pre-release, so there may be some bugs that will be fixed for the final release. Upgrade from Update 1 RC to Update 1 RTM is supported. In order to upgrade to future releases, the customer must first upgrade from Update 1 RC to Update 1 RTM.

Description of Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 RC

Fixed issues

Note Unless otherwise indicated, linked items will take you to Microsoft Connect webpages.


  • Aria role and properties are missing in the Watches and Callstack windows when you debug in Internet Explorer.
  • Updates "Debug Managed Memory" feature to support Windows Internet Explorer 9.
  • When you debug a Microsoft Azure website that is published by using Git, symbols are not loaded. This breaks the debugging.


  • Assume that you edit a dialog that contains at least one picture control in Resource Editor. After you save the file, the project can no longer be compiled.
  • When you edit multiple resources in Resource Editor, Visual Studio crashes randomly.
  • Addresses some Visual C++ automatic formatting issues.
  • Visual C++ IDE does not work as expected if there is an unexpected registry subkey under the following registry key:


    • IntelliTrace Viewer is updated to support Internet Explorer 9.

    • Visual Studio Test

        Load Test

        • Visual Studio freezes when you try to run a load test on the cloud by using Team Foundation Service for the first time when there is no active connection to a Visual Studio account from your Team Explorer.

        • After you run a cloud-based load test by using Team Foundation Service, the "Download Result" operation fails the first time. Additionally, you receive the following error message: 

          There was an error while importing the result file. Details: The system cannot find the file specified. After correcting the problem open the results from Load Test Manager.

        • When you open load test results, Visual Studio continues to request samples even after the load test run has completed and all samples are downloaded.

        • Cloud load testing is broken on a computer that has Internet Explorer 9 installed. The Load Test Manager and Load Test Results windows do not render with Internet Explorer 9 correctly.

        • You cannot run load tests beyond 250 visual users if you activated Visual Studio Ultimate by using an MSDN subscription.

        • XAML Tools

          • Improved the stability of the XAML designers in Visual Studio and Blend in a variety of scenarios for all XAML platforms (such as Windows Store, Windows Phone, Silverlight, WPF).

          • Addressed an issue concerning the packaging of Windows Store applications in which both XBF and XAML were packaged into a Windows Store AppX package when referencing Extension SDKs.

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