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Visual Studio Tips

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Visual Studio Tips

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At work, I spend a huge amount of my time working with Microsoft Technologies. As such, I also use Visual Studio. Here are some of the tipps and tricks to efficiently work with it.


Here are my preferred keystrokes. Note, keystrokes separated by a comma mean you have to use them in sequence in order to activate the command.
They refer to VS2012 but some may also work in previous versions.


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D Autoformat the document, whether it is an HTML page, CS or JavaScript file
Ctrl+K,C Comment the selected part
Ctrl+K,U Un-comment the selected part
Ctrl+Q Place the cursor in the Quick-Launch box for then executing some menu command
Ctrl+, Open the "Navigate to" dialog...probably the most powerful command for mouse-less navigation
Ctrl+- Navigate backwards in the cursor position history
Ctrl+Shift+- Navigate forwards in the cursor position history
Ctrl+M,Ctrl+O Collapse to definitions

Custom mapped

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+W This is the default combination for closing windows on nearly all win apps I know, but strangely not on Visual Studio. Therefore, the first thing I do is to remap it to `File.Close`.
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+S Rebuild solution


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