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The Visualization of Things: Real-Time 3D Representations of IoT Connections

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The Visualization of Things: Real-Time 3D Representations of IoT Connections

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What's interesting about the Internet of Things is not really the Things, of course - they're just a bunch of junk you can buy - so much as the connections between them. As a result, it can be a bit hard to visualize - what, among the things that surround you, is actually connected?

To address this problem comes Stef Lewandowski's "What do you thing?" The project, produced quickly as the result of a 24-hour hack day, is a 3D visualization of the connectedness of IoT devices that works by scanning for computer-recognizable radio signals. Even the inspiration behind, described in this post on the project, it is pretty interesting:

Looking back to the early days of the Internet, William Gibson in his book “Neuromancer” coined the term “Cyberspace” and it was quite literally a space that visualised a future internet, navigated by hackers who used it to gain entry to computer systems represented as vast monolithic three dimensional objects. Wearing a VR headset you’d be able to make sense of a system of machines and connections using familiar references to the physical world.

And for a demonstration, Lewandowski has a video:

You can also run it in your browser with filler data, though Lewandowski warns that is a bit of a system hog. Check out Lewandowski's full post for all the details.

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