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Visualize Log4J and JSR-47 Logging Events

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The cismet team in Saarland, Germany, have made available a free NetBeans plugin, called BeanMill, for visualizing, sorting, and evaluating your log messages.

The provided features are subtle and flexible, as can be seen from the list of main features:

  • Jump to the log messages in the editor
  • Jump to stacktrace elements in the editor
  • Filter with regular expressions
  • Filter with your editor selection on the fly
  • Show logmessages from certain classes
  • Export/Import logmessages via XML

The homepage for the plugin is http://blogs.cismet.de/gadgets/beanmill/. Handily, for NetBeans plugin developers, you can also download the plugin's sources there. Getting started with the Beanmill plugin is easy:

  1. Go to Tools | Plugins and and use the Settings tab to register the BeanMill update center:
  2. After adding you are able to download the plugin Beanmill Logging Viewer from the newly created update center:

  3. When the plugin is installed, you immediately see the BeanMill window:

    You can also show the BeanMill window by choosing Window | Beanmill from the menu bar.

  4. Now you can use the BeanMill window to evaluate your log message:

    There are several handy features, such as a filter:

    Go here and click the camera to see a movie on everything that the BeanMill plugin provides.

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