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Visualizing engineering fields

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Visualizing engineering fields

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Civil engineering.

Figure 1: Floorplan of the Clemuel Ricketts Mansion

Figure 1: Floor-plan of the Clemuel Ricketts Mansion.

Figure 2: A transverse section of the Bequet-Ribault House.

Upper level of Grand Central Terminal in New York City

Figure 3: Upper level of Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Mechanical engineering.

Jackhammer exploded parts

Figure 4: Pancor Jackhammer exploded parts diagram.

Figure 5: Space Shuttle Orbital Maneuvering System (OMS) pod.

Nikon f-mount

Figure 6: The Nikon f-mount.

Electronic engineering.

Figure 7: The Kidule Pic 2550.


Figure 8: The AT89C55WD.

Figure 9: Contactor pre-charge and charge disconnect.

Software engineering.

Image generated by Spoiklin Soice

Figure 10: Ant version 1.6.3.

JUnit 4.11.

Figure 11: JUnit version 4.11.

Image generated by Spoiklin Soice

Figure 12: FitNesse version 20130531.


Seriously, software engineering?

Photo credit attribution.

Image Clemuel Ricketts House drawing 1 courtesy of wikimedia.

Image Bequet-Ribault House Transverse Section with Details courtesy of wikimedia.

Image Grand Central Terminal courtesy of wikimedia.

Image Jackhammer_blow courtesy of wikimedia.

Image OMS Pod schematic courtesy of wikimedia.

Image Nikon f-mount courtesy of wikimedia.

Image Kidule 2550 courtesy of wikimedia.

Image AT89C55WD courtesy of wikimedia.

Image WPEVCContactorCharge2B courtesy of wikimedia.

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