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Visually programming Hadoop with Kettle

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Visually programming Hadoop with Kettle

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More than 6 years ago I announced on Javalobby the open source availability of a data integration tool called Kettle. This tool and the community around it has grown tremendously since then. From a one-person project it grew to have over 60 committers on the team, translators, support teams, UI engineers, documentation writers, QA folks and so on and is now also known as Pentaho Data Integration. Pentaho has decided to open source all the hard work we did in the last couple of years with respect to Big Data and NoSQL. In addition to that the Kettle project has moved to the Apache License 2.0 making us even more a developer friendly project to work with for those that want to dabble a bit with the Java API.

Probably the coolest part of all is that you can use visual programming (or metadata based programming if you will) to get your integration work done with a multitude of data platforms ranging from flat files over relational database to NoSQL, big data and big search clusters. For the very first time we're also offering easy visual programming for Hadoop and MapReduce. Migrating data, exporting, importing, querying and reporting has never been as simple and accessible as it is today.

Because words are cheap please make sure to check out the videos posted at the bottom of our Big Data community landing page.

That page is also where you can download our Kettle Big Data preview package to get you started right away.

Thank you for your interest in Kettle and Pentaho & feel free to join our community!

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