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visural-wicket 0.6 (Open Source Wicket Components)

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visural-wicket 0.6 (Open Source Wicket Components)

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visural-wicket is a useful set of light-weight, loosely coupled components and utilities for the Apache Wicket web framework.

Each component is designed to be easily integrated into any existing Wicket application with minimal dependencies.

Each component is also designed to be easily customised to fit a particular system's requirements.

For a full write up on the release see the developer's blog - http://www.richardnichols.net/2010/06/visural-wicket-0-6-released-new-components/

New version 0.6 includes - 

  • DateInput - a new behavior which provides a pop-up Javascript date picker
  • InputHint - a new behavior which provides “hint text” inside input fields, which disappears when the user focuses on the field
  • BeautyTips - a new behavior which provides rich, attractive, stylable tooltips for any component
  • Confirmers” – prompt/confirmation dialogs that can be used for any Link / Submit type Wicket action
  • Dialog-  a flexible modal dialog component which can be open/closed via Ajax or client-side Javascript
  • LessCSS - integration of LessCSS and Wicket, so you can use “.less” files like they were “.css”
  • JSR303 Validated Form - a binding behavior and Form which automatically transfers JSR-303 validation annotations on to Wicket Forms
  • Generic security framework – a generic & light-weight way of implementing security integration with Wicket apps
  • Various bug fixes and API extensions

 The project code site is at http://code.google.com/p/visural-wicket/


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