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VMware OS Compatibility – Upgrading Windows

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VMware OS Compatibility – Upgrading Windows

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In the past when I’ve been at customer sites and in competitive situations I’ve often brought up the broad support for different OSs as a VMware strength. I think at last count there were over 80 different versions and flavors of various operating systems supported on the VMware platform – probably more than that today. What brought this back to mind was a recent video where someone used VMware Workstation to show every Windows upgrade/install from every version of Windows ever. First, I’m amazed the guy had that much media saved up to do the installs. Second, I’m really impressed that he got through all of the upgrades without anything crashing. Third, this really shows that anything can run in a VMware VM. That last point is for all of those people out there that still think virtualization isn’t for them and it’s just a passing fad.

Anyhow, here’s the video. It’s a little boring to watch all the way through but never-the-less very impressive.


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