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VoIP Business Phone Buyer's Guidelines

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VoIP Business Phone Buyer's Guidelines

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There are so many providers of VOIP-based business phone systems in the market, when searching on the internet, it might be hard to know which one is worth approaching. This article advises on how to evaluate the provider just by looking at their website.


Searching for a business phone systems provider on the internet will be a very easy task.  Here's an example of a business phone systems website. Finding a good provider will be a very different issue. How are you going to tell if a provider is actually one worth talking to. We want to use the internet to save us time, not to get bogged down in talking with a huge number of providers, and then be harassed by their follow up sales and marketing teams. There has to be a better way. Here is a look at how to analyse a provider just by looking at their website, so we can save ourselves a lot of time and hassle.


·       Your Own Country. Managed business telephone systems often do not require any device investment. You do not need handsets, there are too many ways to get around this issue. A managed provider will manage your whole system from their servers. If you are going to use a managed provider, or any provider for that matter, you want the company to be in your country. Their website should end with your country suffix. For Australia, it should be “.com.au”, for example.


·       Partners. A good provider will have some of the biggest names as their partners. If a company is any good, they will be providing solutions with some of the biggest names in technology, and they will be providing solutions to some of the biggest name brands. Look out for those logos on the website.


·       Free Trial. Free trials that are truly free trials, should be expected. Look out for those unscrupulous providers that will offer a free trial and take your company’s credit card details.


·       No Contract. A good provider will not be forcing you into a long-term contract. They do not need to force you to stay with them because you will want to stay with them. This is a very good indication they know what they are doing.


·       Guarantee. If you are going to use VOIP-based business phone systems, you need to know those services are going to be up and running all the time. You need to know you are not going to have a problem, and you need to have that in writing. If there is no guarantee, don’t even bother.


·       Consultation. The best providers have many solutions available. They will not be selling you a product, they will be consulting you on the best services for your business. You might just need an application, or your company might better benefit from a hybrid system that integrates your standard calling and VOIP calling in the one service. The best business telephone systems vendors are not businesses based on sales. Telegate, for example, are consultants to help you find the best solution, and they have the experience and knowledge with all of these solutions. This will be evident on their website.


Use these suggestions here and you will save a lot of your time, and find the best providers in no time. The market is competitive, and there is no reason why you should not be getting an amazing deal.

This article was authored by the editorial staff at Telegate.com.au


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