VoltDB 7.0: Real-Time Data-Driven Actions Across Industries

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VoltDB 7.0: Real-Time Data-Driven Actions Across Industries

VoltDB's telco-grade SQL database introduces powerful new features to support global data operations and streaming data.

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VoltDB has unveiled the latest version of its flagship solution, VoltDB v7.0. A broad range of Industries, including telecommunications, mobile gaming, advertising, casinos and financial services—any company that needs to ingest, analyze and act on data in the moment—rely on VoltDB to power faster, more intelligent applications to make the right decisions, when time matters.

Driven by the need of telcos for even lower latencies to reliably meet their operational SLAs, VoltDB expanded its database replication functionality in v7.0 to allow customers to deploy VoltDB clusters as worldwide points of presence. VoltDB helps telco companies achieve their goals for implementing network function virtualization (NFV) in preparation for 5G, which will enable telcos to better monetize the data they carry on their networks — for example, to carry and analyze streaming IoT data and begin providing "IoT as a Service" to enterprises around the world. For end user consumers, 5G will mean greater relevance of content through hyper-personalization, and faster service. Adtech companies can also take advantage of this feature to allow them to orchestrate or participate in online ad auctions across the globe with millisecond response times.

VoltDB v7.0 is available in a range of new licensing terms, for both on-premises and in-cloud deployments. This flexibility provides enterprises, mid-sized businesses and developers with independent software vendors (ISVs) with the widest range of choices for their use of VoltDB, and future-proof capabilities to update or evolve their applications for rapidly-changing markets. Additionally, VoltDB v7.0 will be available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

A Ubiquitous Database for Today’s “Data Everywhere” World

VoltDB is the foundational database powering modern applications charged with managing vast amounts of data generated from widely-dispersed sources, including industrial sensors, global credit card terminals, cell phones or even slot machines. If you’ve recently played a mobile game, run a road race, visited a casino—even turned on a light switch or made a credit card purchase—odds are good that VoltDB is gathering and managing that data and powering the applications that approve your purchase or determine how many chips you control at the baccarat table.

“Solutions that provide the ability to run high-throughput applications across multiple data centers with very low latency offer an attractive option for CSPs with geographically-distributed operations,” said Roz Roseboro, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading. “As these service providers increase the number of locations providing compute and storage to support subscribers, as well as fog and mobile edge computing and IoT initiatives, they need a proven data management solution that delivers strong consistency, millisecond latency, and extreme scalability.”

More Data, More Sources = More Power

VoltDB v7.0 includes increased scalability for managing transactions and generating analytics while ensuring high availability and strict data consistency. In addition to the cloud licensing additions, the database’s key new features and benefits include:

More power, data security for geographically-dispersed datacenters: v7.0 includes powerful multi-site/cluster, multi-version cross-datacenter replication (XDCR), lowering application latency and improving availability and disaster recovery for geographically-distributed workloads across multiple datacenters;

Enhanced real-time analytics and streaming data support: This newest version further supports continuous queries over high-velocity event streams, including the AWS Kinesis stream ingestion and export, empowering even more-powerful real-time analytics, and includes a Confluent-certified Kafka Connect utility.

“VoltDB is empowering global enterprises to monetize data in milliseconds, and with v7.0, we are extending its power to more markets, with greater features and flexibility,” said John Piekos, vice president of engineering for VoltDB. “Our customers count on us to provide the platform they need to build and run 24x7, critical applications that require high transactional throughput and low latency.”

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