Voxxed Days Microservices @Paris: Feedback and Personal Thoughts

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Voxxed Days Microservices @Paris: Feedback and Personal Thoughts

DZone Zone Leader attended a one-day conference on microservices in Paris, with testimonies from both web giants and software publishers. Here's what he learned.

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This event took place over three days, with the first two days devoted to conferences, and the third day was dedicated to workshops. For reasons of availability, I was only able to go on the second day.

One of the trends I have noted is that the boundary between microservices and serverless is becoming conceptually finer.

Will Serverless Kill Microservices?

I always hear that the serverless reacts to events and microservices react to requests, but knowing that, an event can trigger a request, and conversely, this distinction does not hold for long.

The other distinction we can make is the possibility of making more complex developments with micro services, but when Google says that with its functions you can point to any Ubuntu package, it starts to be really thin.

However, there is still the difference in startup times. But here too the subject is addressed. I was able to see a demo of a microservice under the Micronaut framework, able to launch and respond in 400 ms on a development workstation. The difference will, therefore, be made, especially when we read the first sentence of the Micronaut site: "A modern, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications."

Long Live CDC!

On another architectural subject, I was able to see Debezium, who does CDC (Change Data Capture), which is simply explained as real-time synchronization between databases. You can also have a source database from another tech than the target database. The advantage is that the data can be transferred to other microservices or projects without any impact on performance because technologies of this type are based on the database log. The CDC principle is quite old, but I am glad to see this pattern becoming more popular.

More Feedback

Finally, I appreciated Kyriba's feedback. Kyriba is a fintech company that dates back to 2000 and is a leader in its market segment. When you have Amazon as your customer, you don't have much more to prove. They shared with us 18 years of experience, which would be a little long to detail, but I noted two things:

  • If you want to switch to microservices, don't think that you're going to do the new features in microservices, and that you'll tackle the monolith afterward. The adhesions will be strong and inextricable.

  • EventStorming! Who's the rude one who never told me about it? EventStorming is an agile workshop format that allows you to master your business domain and processes. I strongly invite you to go and find out more about it on the net to get to know its business field or to model it — it just seems awesome!

In short, Voxxed Days was a very good event, very rich in teaching and reflection, and I can only invite you to see where the next Voxxed Days will take place.

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