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VS2010 TMap Testing Template | Initial Work Items #1

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VS2010 TMap Testing Template | Initial Work Items #1

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During the unfolding of the TMap for VS2010 process template, several pre-defined work items are created for the test organization. These work items helps the test organization to start structured test process with a Master Test Plan.

When starting a testing effort first several things needs to be in place… we need to understand the assignment, determine what we are going to test what are the risks, etc… the first four steps in the image below.

BDTM steps

Beside these steps also decisions needs to be taken about what to test where, you don’t want to loose money by testing things twice. As described in the TMap Next book:

The type of system and/or development approach and/or test policy determine which forms of which test levels are best used. For iterative system development, for instance, a thorough acceptance test is less obvious. This is because the quality from the user perspective has already been tested in previous test levels. However, for package implementations there is a far greater emphasis on a thorough acceptance test. The risks here are focused on the implementation of the package in the organization, a typical acceptance test aspect. 

So, topics covered by the master test plan can be:


All these activities are described in detail in the TMap Next book, and you also get these steps when using the TMap for VS2010 process template, as initial work items.


These Master Test Plan activities got descriptive guidance attached to it. Accessible by using Microsoft Test Manager 2010, Visual Studio 2010 or the TFS 2010 Web Access tool, helping every role, to understand the assignment, the activities and test goals.

mtm  ini
[Microsoft Test Manager 2010 | Initial Master Test Plan Work Items with guidance]

VS ini[Visual Studio 2010 | Initial Master Test Plan Work Items with guidance] 

wa ini

[ TFS 2010 Web Access | Initial Master Test Plan Work Items with guidance]  

So, when the project starts the guy / girl with the Test Manager role has to assign the different tasks to the right team members to complete the Master Test Plan.

In a following post [probably not the next one] some Word and Excel templates which support these tasks and can be found at the project portal. First a planned post about initial work items for planning the infrastructure.


If you want to keep up to date about TMap testing and the VS2010 process template, send me an email with your name and organization . Beside this blog and our the TMap codeplex site we have a community of users, to exchange ideas, usages stories and additional updates of the template en testing practices.




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