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Vuzit - An AJAX powered PDF Viewer

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Vuzit - An AJAX powered PDF Viewer

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Vuzit is a new service offered by Hovitate, LLC that allows you to embed pdf's into your site in a slick AJAX powered viewer. It employs lazy-loading so that viewing large documents is blazingly fast and exposes a JavaScript API allowing you to interact with the document in JavaScript easily.

[img_assist|nid=581|title=Vuzit - Demo|desc=|link=url|url=http://vuzit.com/developer/example_viewer_controls#|align=none|width=699|height=266]

After including the relevant scripts and creating a blank div for the viewer to reside in, it is simple to embed a viewer with the configuration options you would like.

var viewer = new vuzit.Viewer(document.getElementById("vuzit_viewer"));
viewer.setUrl("http://www.welcomingcenter.org/documents/PMP.pdf", { zoom: 1, page: 2 });


Since Vuzit uses pure JavaScript, CSS, and HTML it does not require any browser plugin. Browser plugins have been notorious for causing browser instability problems and causing cross-browser inconsistencies. Get a developer key from their signup page and check out their Starter Tutorial today!

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