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W3C Says Final HTML5 Spec is Due in 2014

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W3C Says Final HTML5 Spec is Due in 2014

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While the WHATWG continues to plead its case that HTML5 can't be considered a "draft" anymore, the World Wide Web consortium has announced the official finsh date for HTML5.  In 2014, HTML5 will be complete they say, and testing will continue up until the release date.   Of course, if you subscribe to the WHATWG worldview, HTML5 is dead—and it's been replaced by the 'living document simply known as HTML.

Silverlight 4 Gets Big Upgrade

GDR3, the newest update to Silverlight 4, has been released this week by Microsoft.  Timestamp issues, Visual Studio IDE crashes, and media playback errors are only a few of the problems addressed in this latest update.  Developers are encouraged to request that their clients upgrade to the new Silverlight release to fix the memory leak issues common to previous versions of Silverlight.

Announcing Google's New Plugin for Eclipse and GWT 2.2

The GA release of Google's Plugin for Eclipse and Google Web Toolkit 2.2 is out this week and it includes HTML5 support and GWT Designer integration.  Google's plugin also showcases an enhanced CellTable widget and a sweet Canvas demo.  Developers should begin updating their version of Java to 1.6 to avoid future compatibility issues.

JetBrains Releases version 2 of its "Intelligent PHP IDE"

The new, fully-interactive, version of PhpStorm provides support for PHP 5.3 namespaces and closures.  It also has support for ECMAScript 5.  It's newly extended debugging features provide a solid foundation for software development efforts. PhpStorm 2.0 can be downloaded here.

Spring 3.1- What's Up and Coming

More exciting Spring news! A quick look at Spring 3.1.

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