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W3Conf 2011: Videos Now Available

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W3Conf 2011: Videos Now Available

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For a little while after W3Conf2011, only direct mp4 videos were available. Now W3C has tasted their own recipe and put up video of all sessions in HTML5 video, so you can easily view (in a sufficiently modern browser, of course).

Definitely worth checking out -- W3Conf2011 is the first developer conference W3C has ever held.

Here's the session list:

  • Welcome: Contributing to Open Standards (Ian Jacobs, W3C)
  • Testing to Perfection (Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C)
  • Community Groups: A case study with Web Payments (Manu Sporny, Digital Bazaar)
  • Shortcuts: Developer Documentation (Doug Schepers, W3C)
  • 5 CSS Magic Potions for your Layout Troubles from the Future (Divya Manian, Opera)
  • Web Graphics – a large creative palette (Vincent Hardy, Adobe)
  • Web Perfomance: Making the Web Faster (Arvind Jain, Google)
  • Shortcuts: Getting off (line) with the HTML5 appcache (John Allsopp, Web Directions)
  • The N-Screens Problem: Building Apps in a World of TV and Mobiles (Rajesh Lal, Nokia)
  • The Great HTML5 Divide: How Polyfills and Shims Let You Light Up Your Sites in Non-Modern Browsers (Rey Bango, Microsoft)
  • Shortcuts: Web Typography (Christopher Slye, Adobe Systems, Inc.)
  • HTML5: The Foundation of the Web Platform (Paul Irish, Google)
  • HTML5 Demo Fest: the Best from the Web (Giorgio Sardo, Microsoft)
  • Shortcuts: Data Visualization with Web Standards (Mike Bostock, Square)
  • Making Accessibility Mainstream (Becky Gibson, BM)
  • Securing the Next Generation of Web Apps (Brad Hill, Paypal, and Scott Stender, iSEC Partners)
  • Shortcuts: Touch Events (Grant Goodale, Massively Fun)
  • Hello. Games. HTML5 Gaming Today. (Grant Skinner, gskinner.com)
  • Shortcuts: Modernizr (Faruk Ateş)
  • PANEL: Browsers and Standards: Where the Rubber Hits the Road
  • Art Barstow (Nokia), Paul Cotton (Microsoft), Tantek Çelik (Mozilla), Charles McCathieNevile (Opera), Chris Wilson (Google), Peter Vosshall (Amazon)
  • Closing Remarks (Doug Schepers, W3C)


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