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The wages of sin: Hit that database one more time…

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The wages of sin: Hit that database one more time…

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This time, this is a review of the Sharp Commerce application. Again, I have stumbled upon the application by pure chance, and I have very little notion about who wrote it.

You might have wondered why I named this blog series the way I did, I named it because of the method outline below. Please note that I had to invent a new system to visualize the data access behavior on this system:


  • In red, we have queries that are executed once: 3 queries total.
  • In aqua, we have queries that are executed once for each item in the order: 2 queries per each product in the order.
  • In purple, we have queries that are executed once for each attribute in each of the products in the order: 1 query per attribute per product in the order.

Now, just to give you some idea, let us say that I order 5 items, and each item have 5 attributes…

We get the following queries:

  • 3 queries – basic method cost
  • 10 queries – 2 queries per each product
  • 25 queries – 1 query for each attribute for each product

Totaling in 38 queries for creating a fairly simple order. After seeing this during the course review of the application, I have used that term for this method, because it is almost too easy to make those sort of mistakes.

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