Walking Developer Animation in Pure CSS3

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Walking Developer Animation in Pure CSS3

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It's really astonishing the things that web developers can do today working with nothing but CSS3.  Andrew Hoyer took it to a whole 'nother level today with a CSS animation of himself walking (and fun signs in the background).  You can see a pic I took below. 
Hoyer was also kind enough to write a nice article on how he did it:

I threw around ideas of doing some kind of chaotic pendulum, or maybe a cleaner implementation of the robotic arm. The idea of doing the arm again, reminded me of the CSS3 AT-AT I saw a while ago. I remembered the first time I saw it, thinking, “This is incredible”, before realizing just how limited the animation was. I thought maybe I could take it further and create something a little more extreme.  -- Andrew Hoyer


Check out the video too:

Full code snippets and explanation can be found on his blog through the reference box below.

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