Want to Rant at a Recruiter / Headhunter? Dave Fecak AMA Friday the 13th

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Want to Rant at a Recruiter / Headhunter? Dave Fecak AMA Friday the 13th

Zone Leader Dave Fecak will be doing an AMA! Ask him whatever you want about recruiting developers!

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On Friday April 13th at 2PM eastern time, DZone is providing our readers with an opportunity to rant at a real live recruiter (or to politely ask him questions - the choice is yours). Dave Fecak has been associated with DZone for a few years and has been recruiting for tech firms ranging from Fortune 500's to bootstrapped startups since way back in 1998 before the first bubble.

If you have a questions on topics related to tech careers, resumes, interviews, users' groups, marketability, bootcamps, LinkedIn, getting noticed, negotiation, employer branding, or crossword puzzles, he might have an answer.

Just don't ask him about data structures.  

His credentials include:

  • Recruiter - 18 years of technical recruiting experience as an agency recruiter (AKA headhunter), mostly hiring for engineers/developers.

  • User Group Leader - Founder and 15 year president of the Philadelphia Area Java Users' Group.

  • Resume specialist - Founder/Principal of Resume Raiders, providing resume review/writing, cover letters, LinkedIn, and career coaching services to candidates worldwide.

  • Writer on career topics -  Zone Leader and contributor at DZone, blogger at Job Tips for Geeks, author of Job Tips For Geeks: The Job Search, published and/or cited by The Washington Post, Fast Company, Lifehacker, et al. 

  • Community advisor - Moderator and active participant at Reddit's /r/cscareerquestions subreddit dedicated to answering questions about computer science careers.

The AMA will be available through Webex. Sign up here.

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