WAR Deployment for JVM Lanugages on CloudBees

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WAR Deployment for JVM Lanugages on CloudBees

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CloudBees thinks of itself as a Cargo project for Java PaaS.  It has one way in which you can deploy Java web applications - WAR files.  There's a quick list on their blog for how to deploy WARs for each JVM language on CloudBees:

For Groovy/Grails there is the Grails plugin.  ( Alternative)

For JRuby/Ruby on Rails the rails app can be packaged up as a WAR file using warbler.

For Scala/Play there is the CloudBees deployment module. There is also a plugin for Scala/SBT enabling deployment of lift applications.

Finally, and recently, for Clojure there is the lein plugin for deployment of Clojure ring applications.

Other things you'll want to explore for CloudBees deployment include the HTTP API at the lowest level, the CloudBees API client library, the Maven plugin and the Cloudbees SDK.

Source: http://blog.cloudbees.com/2011/10/let-war-file-be-unit-of-deployment.html

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