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Watch Me Code, Episode 11 [Video]

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Watch Me Code, Episode 11 [Video]

On this episode of our live coding series, we continue testing the Jenkins plugin we've built as part of a complete Jenkins pipeline.

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Continuing on from Episode 10, I review the additional tests I wrote and the bugs found in writing those tests before adding a final piece of flourish to the plugin.

This episode reviews some of the more interesting bugs I found while adding additional test cases.

To make navigating the Jenkins instance easier, we add a small visual feature that allows us to provide a custom icon for each folder as well as documenting the Apache TLP to which each folder belongs.

If you are interested in examining the end product of this series, you can look at the GitHub code snapshot as of the end of this video.

This concludes the coding parts of this series. Before requesting installation of the plugin on the Apache Jenkins I made some final improvements:

  • Applied some final polish to the code
  • Added Apache License Version 2 headers
  • Added Javadoc comments to most methods
  • Implemented ASFGitSCMFile.lastModified()
  • Added Help files
  • Added a default icon for the folder type.
  • Optimized some event handling code

The end-product is captured in this GitHub code snapshot.

The final episode in this series will break with the existing format and be a retrospective discussion with a number of stakeholders.

Check out the entire series:

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