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Wearable Innovation to Detect Heart Attacks

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Wearable Innovation to Detect Heart Attacks

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I’ve covered a few devices in the past year or so that have aimed to monitor and detect various elements pertaining to our health and wellbeing.  Indeed the Tricorder X Prize competition is designed specifically to un-earth just such devices, with the challenge being to produce a mobile device that can detect several health signals.

It’s a really exciting field that is seeing new developments emerging on a regular basis.  One of the more recent is aiming to help someone that suffers from a heart attack.  The technology, known as LifeTip, provides a tag that a lady can attach to her bra, and the tag will detect if the user is having a heart attack and will immediately call 999.

The device is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo, with the funding period coming to a close in the next week.  The device itself comes complete with a tiny ECG sensor that can be clipped to the front of the bra, thus coming to rest on top of the heart.  The device will then monitor your heart beat and detect any irregular rhythms in it.  It can also monitor things like your body temperature, and even claims to understand things such as your emotional state and posture.

It’s marketed not just as a potential life saver but also as a general health monitoring device.  The heart attack feature is undoubtedly the most interesting element of it however.  Should the user have the misfortune to suffer an attack, the device will use the persons smartphone to call the emergency services and ask for help.  The hope is that such a quick response that is not reliant upon a passer by could help to save lives by getting professionals to the scene faster than is currently the case.

Suffice to say, the device also comes in male form, which allows a man to clip the monitor to the front of a shirt rather than to a bra.  You can buy the device via the Indiegogo page for $59 up until the 13th August.  Certainly an interesting idea and one of a number of cool projects in this general field.  Check out their overview video below for more info.


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